I am not talking about fasting as a performance, but as a spiritual need...
If you do something good for someone or are thinking of doing something good, if you say something useful to someone - this is prayer. Don’t think there…
Elder Sofian Boghiu: I have never hated any of the enemies that tormented us and I have never regretted that I was imprisoned.
The comunist authorities had a double aim: for you not to exist anymore but also to be punished and tormented while you lived.
We accept our problems, we accept our pain, and we take them and our cares to God.
Ask for forgiveness through deep involvement of the soul and through unfeigned humility...with humble love, a love that will turn others' souls toward…
The wardens in prison didn’t believe in God. And they were dangerous. In the wilderness, you fought with the devil. And the devil believed in God.
Pray with “Lord Jesus'' and, slowly but surely, a passageway, a path of light, will appear between the mind and heart and you will feel this great inner…
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Sayings of the Romanian Elders